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Our Corporate Collateral Services

Our services include offering media materials to promote companies' products and services. We use different types of collaterals and determine the right purpose each serves. Some of the collaterals we employ include:

Majorly, we utilise this tool as a point of contact with our clients' customer base. Through newsletters, we provide new features, updates, or information on a new product in the form of emails. To minimise intrusion, we create a timing schedule for our release except in cases that require urgency. Apart from forming a relationship with clients, we boost engagement levels and promote sales by adding a call to action (CTA). We also offer incentives from time to time.
Annual Reports
Annual reports reveal the activities of a company over the year and contain statistics showing their performance level. We are gradually evolving from sending reports in their blank state to adding visual representation (charts, demonstrations, and infographics) to attract audience attention. We put in our best efforts in reporting and diligently research to collect accurate information about a company.
We acknowledge that frequent magazine release helps to create awareness about a company. It is an indirect form of advertisement because it contains all its publications (which point to the services they offer.). Often, we use magazines to promote trade shows and address specific issues in a particular sector. Unlike most marketing collateral, magazines do not look boring and remain one of our best tools.
Corporate Products
We present corporate products in the form of a catalogue. We employ this collateral method when there is a need to explain a product's functionality in detail. Sometimes, we include reviews and testimonials we have gathered over a period.
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Service Brochures

Service brochures are leaflets we give to potential clients during personal contact. The leaflet lists out all the services a company offers together with its aims and objectives. It also contains information on how to contact the company. We employ the use of a service brochure because of its evolving versatility. Nowadays, we create brochures through online tools, which also expand our audience’s reach.

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