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Beyond anything else, one quality of a business that makes people buy is how well it appeals to their senses. There is a huge chance of poor returns and decline in a system where people don't find resonance with a service. To this end, we offer several services that relate to the tools used for mass communication. 

Working on website design


Every service is unique in its way. But it still has to appeal to the customer. Websites can be likened to a room where both the seller and the buyer meet to interact. The smoothness of that interaction will depend on how tense or lively the room is made to look.

This analogy is a crucial part of website design. Your customers are more likely to engage you when your online platforms give them the ease they require. The website must be attractive, yet not so that it is extremely colourful or jarring to the senses. It must also not be boring, so much that the customer wants to leave in bare seconds after arrival.

This careful combination of art can yield nice conversion rates. It is also what we offer you. Foxmor can make your web pages look better and attract your customer not only to buy one product but be curious enough to check the others out too.

Email Marketing Campaigns

An email marketing campaign involves sending a stream of emails to multiple customers. The message sent is in reaction to a particular product or other services which the company is offering. Although emails can reach a potentially wide audience, they are also fallible. A key headache of marketers would be how to make content so engaging that it makes customers click and read through the text. 

Doing this requires that the subject line reflects the actual needs of the customer. The content must also pertain to the customer’s environment. It must be relatable.

To achieve this effect, a good idea would be to classify recipients into different sections, based on what they are sentenced to be more likely to find useful. You must also write subject lines in such a manner that the content is presented as it is. Exaggeration will damage the credibility of the business.

Because of the nuanced approach which you will have to take in sending your mails, we at Foxmor offer you a marketing service that delivers. Content is optimised so that your customers are ready to click and always waiting to hear from you.

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Digital Video Production

Videos are a lot more revealing. They connect more closely with the audience and bring your business to an up-close and personal level. Because people can see you or other participants in a video, they can read your mannerisms and impressions made.

Scripting your video content well ahead of time will help you ensure that you make the best presentation. This will also enable you to make all the necessary edits where they are needed. Our digital video experts at Foxmor can help you achieve the best camera angles needed to enhance your presentation.

We also have talented scriptwriters whose creativity will make customers watch, engage, and remember that video in the nearest future. Foxmor optimises your branding on every score.

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