Managed Services

We offer a wide range of managed services. They include:

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Lead Generation

For every business, one problem that keeps popping up is how to generate leads and, when that is done, how to convert those leads to regular buyers or users of your services. A lead is a prospective buyer of your product or user of your services who have expressed interest by providing contact information such as an email, phone number, or social media handle.

While lead generation is an objective for many companies, it is full of potential pitfalls linked to normal human behaviour. The headache here is, therefore, to finally convince this prospect to buy your product. The process of doing this is another long journey in itself. But it is also one which is particularly important. 

To convert a lead into an actual buyer, the company must follow deliberate strategies, first creating a market plan. The market plan evaluates the climate in which the business operates, general consumer behaviour, options available to the company, and plans designed to tackle each problem individually. 

Once the planning stage is done, getting your product in front of the right audience is the issue you have to solve. This will help to reduce marketing costs as your approach is now specific rather than broad. 

Lead generation poses a lot of issues in terms of getting it done the right way. Foxmor offers services that ensure you are following the right steps in your marketing. We help you to have more confidence and save costs.

Project Management

Executing a project requires a lot of intensity. It needs the right methods to be successful. To this end, we at Foxmor are capable of managing your projects so that not only do they not fail, they give you value for every investment that you expended in getting it done.

Managing a project involves applying knowledge and every other resource, both human and otherwise, to achieve the purposes of a project. According to requirements, this application has to be done so that it does not fall far out of scope. 

The process of managing also falls into five specific stages. Of this, initiating the project is the first, while closing it comes last. In between are all the other essentials, which are the determiners of the appeal of what comes last. Due to the complexities which appear, therefore, experts are needed to see it through. This is what we provide.

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Media Planning

Media planning is a comprehensive process that specifies the company’s promotional objectives and how to reach that end. A media plan infuses such things as the company’s advertising budget, target audience, advertisement platforms, and all other things that combine in the process of advertising.

Media planning is an endeavour that achieves the best results when everything has been fully considered. For instance, a good media plan considers the company’s budget for advertising and uses this to create something that is still favourable. Foxmor can assist you in that regard. We will equip your business with a realistic plan that makes the costs seem worthy and inexpensive.

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