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Seminar on Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Packaging design is a fundamental part of communicating with your customers. While it depends largely on impressions that you can make before anything else, it is also a tool capable of converting greatly. The design of a package should ideally reflect the nature of your business.

For instance, if you run an e-commerce or online shopping business, your goods’ appearance will determine joust how willing customers will be to engage. An eye-catching design is more likely to bait an online shopper within the few seconds spent looking through the catalogue. 

On the other hand, a store needs to package its goods so that passersby can quickly engage with it. The human eye is naturally drawn to attractive objects, and when yours stands out, you have a chance to create desire, then an inquiry, and who knows, maybe a sale! However, designing your goods can take a lot more than an eye for good things.

While you may have perfected the design into the way you want it to be, production can give you different things entirely. In terms of materials, form, and structure of the package, what you get may deviate from what you signed up for, thereby affecting sales. Poor design outputs can cause you to have it redone at financial and time costs to your business.

For this reason, you need steady, attentive hands to handle the design of your package. Our design team at Foxmor will take into consideration all the dimensions of your needs. We will also maintain constant touch with you to help determine if all procedures are rightly followed. This way, you can always get the best, without delay, from your designs.

Instore Promotion

Instore promotion is a method commonly used to make customers buy a product. It offers an additional buying advantage for purchasing a particular product or a particular quantity of products. For instance, an in-store promotional message could tell you that you have earned a certain discount for purchasing an item and can earn more if you purchase particular items at a level of quantity.

This triggers a buying spree on the part of the customer. The idea is to give your customers the feeling that they are getting the best out of an item’s purchase. It plays on the psyche that people will desire more for less. 

Instore promotions can either be done online or at the point at which they are to be sold. Using online media has many benefits in that it draws traffic to your department store or supermarket. The online ad would offer discounted services that can only be accessed only when the buyer gets them from the store.

On the other hand, the point of sale would involve making the offer to the customer and prompting a need to buy more. Both tactics are very effective. However, while they are quite good for developing your business, they can only serve you well when there is proper attention to costs and the context of your business.

If offering discounted benefits to your customers is not counterbalanced by the traffic that swarms your shop, it is probably not a good idea. Foxman will assist you in communicating effectively with your customers. We will also assist with evaluating the costs of the promotion versus the return on investment. 

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